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iPhone XR battery

Michel Keen

New member
Jun 11, 2019
Attached below is my battery tab for you guys to see. First 3 or 4 days I was downloading a lot of things since the phone was new out of the box. The last 2 days reflect my normal working day usage.

I always track the 25% battery line to see the SOT and the last 2 days I had 4h and a few minutes more, being 4h the minimum.

Keep in mind that I disabled some battery eating features that I don’t use, like Siri.

Also, background app refresh off, location services only while using, and all those apple services that I think is a waste of battery, like frequent locations, apple ads, improve services Etc... all of those under privacy tab.

Overnight battery drain is sometimes 0% or up to 4%. Last night I had 4% drain on airplane mode. And 2 nights ago had 0% with phone working normal, just WiFi turned off.

Makes no sense but I guess the software isn’t a perfect mathematical equation.


Mar 2, 2016
It's definitely perplexing! I found myself spending a lot of time tracking my battery when I first got my 8 Plus. It started going from interested, to being stressed out and somewhat obsessed. There was really no point to this So I just stopped. I am vaguely aware that my iPhone needs to be charged ever 24-30 hours depending on my usage. There are some days (mostly on weekends) where I use my phone much more and needs to charge it much sooner than I normally would.

My point in sharing all this is that if your phone is working fine, and it's not suffering from major battery drains, I wouldn't worry about it.