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iPhone 4 is stuck on itunes logo and will not enter DFU mode


New member
Aug 26, 2014
Hi I am hoping someone will be able to help....I am desperate!

I broken my iPhone 5c and am trying to restore from my icloud onto my old iphone 4. The icloud said I needed to update the software before I could do this so I attempted the update but half way through the phone turned off and now only shows the itunes logo and iphone connector (not the usb connector everyone else seems to discribe?) I have attempted entering DFU mode by connecting to my laptop, opening itunes, holding down the home and lock buttons until the phone turns off but when I let go of the lock screen it does not enter DFU mode. Instead it loops back round to the same itunes screen. I have attempted this many times but without any luck and am now at a loose end!

I would appreciate any help that someone can offer...even if I can just restore factory settings and use the phone without restoring from the icloud it would be better than nothing.

Thank yoooou!!!