Gboard keyboard on iPhone, how to best use microphone, and why duplication in speech to text?


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Sep 3, 2020
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Gboard keyboard on iPhone, how to best use microphone, and why duplication in speech to text?

I was trying to make the speech to text more accurate by ONLY using
Gboard and the microphone on Gboard keyboard on my iPhone 13 ios 16.3. Of course I gave the keyboards full access.

And I do not have the Accessibility set to ON for voice input.

So what I did was remove the keyboard called English on my iPhone to try to test out better accuracy and only use Gboard....

When I did that even though dictation was always enabled, every time I clicked on the microphone button it took me to a Google screen with the four colors at the bottom reacting as I spoke. No good for me.

After I spoke it then pasted the results into the prior screen I was working on
such as mail or messages etc. I did not want it to take me to another

So I then added the English keyboard back in and made sure I
pressed on the large microphone icon on the bottom right of the iPhone
keyboard screen. And I am back to where I was with sometimes having to switch keyboard to Gboard even though Gboard it set as the first keyboard in order.

I also was trying to get rid of the iPhone duplicating some of the
sentences I dictated which appears to happen to other people as well with no good solution. I noticed that at times the speeech to text would pause. So then I cliecked on the mic and it started to put duplicate text in. I prefer speech to text as I do not type well on a smart phone, never did.

So perhaps you can’t remove the English keyboard completely since then you have the issue it going to a blank screen (Google screen with 4 colors vertical bars at bottom listening and moving) to accept your speech input.

So there are two questions here--sorry...

Can I just have Gboard and no other keyboard and not have it go to a google screen and come back to
accept my speech?

And how do I get rid of this duplication, have you experienced it in Speech to text on iPhone?

Very annoying appreciate any help and input. Sincerely Peter

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