Help with Passkeys. Please.


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Nov 7, 2012
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I said I facial on the ipad. But it doesn’t use passkeys. It is using my OLD password. Another I notice if I shut the iPad off/power off. When I turn it back on. It does not use Facial ID. You have to use passcode To log on your iPad.

i fix it in the iPhone. It won’t work with Facial ID thru Safari. So I got PayPal App.

And yes I am using facial I’d for the second. But may just stop it. I don’t care if it stores it on the phone. I could come right up to you take and turn it around point it at your face and unlocked your phone. and no I‘m not crazy. I live in the tech world and see a lot of things happen.

Ok, so why don’t you try facial id on iPad for a week or two and enable passkeys, it won’t kill you.

That’s a security feature, if you switch off your device you need to input your passcode first in order to use Face ID. Regardless of iPad or iPhone.

Who is going to stop Face ID? That doesn’t make much sense.

You can try to take my iPhone I doubt you would succeed, but you could try. In any event, even if you had my iPhone you still wouldn’t be able to unlock it.

Unless I’m looking directly at the device it will never unlock. If you are sure that you live in tech world, then it must be true.


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Oct 23, 2012
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You mean their not for Apple.

Right, Apple is one of the many, many companies that are not using passkeys yet.

I use 1Password as my password manager, and they support storing (and syncing) passkeys. They have a page that lists all of the sites that are using passkeys so far, so I tried to add some yesterday.

Amazon? It's listed, but apparently they are "rolling it out" and it hasn't been rolled out to my account yet.

PayPal? Yes, but it doesn't work on their iOS app. (So what's the point?)

CVS? I finally found one that worked! But - I hardly ever use the site; only when I am trying to schedule a COVID-19 vaccine, so that's been 5 times so far?

There is also Google, but I really don't want to do that right now with my Google account, and a couple of other sites that I hardly ever use.


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Apr 6, 2016
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I live in the tech world and see a lot of things happen.

Then you should know that Face ID won’t unlock your device if you’re looking away. You have to be looking directly at the device for it to unlock.

Sounds a lot to me like you want to live in a technology world, but you want that technology to stay off the grid. Doesn’t work that way.

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