Apple Music: The Stuff that Drives Me Crazy


May 5, 2016
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There has been lot of discussion about problems with DRM and other pretty technical (though undoubtedly legitimate) issues that make my head spin. However, I'd like to share the issues with Apple music that drive me crazy.

1. Incorrect cover art or weird and unappealing versions of "correct" cover art (my collection is littered with these)

2. Single albums broken into multiple album cover icons with the songs divided between the multiple covers (so dang infuriating).

3. Duplicate songs (i.e., an album that has two of each song). I suspect this is because these are albums I own and also added to my previous "Beats Music" library so I could listen on other devices prior to Match and Apple Music.

I have read countless articles on how to correct cover art, but this is a battle that I just cannot seem to win. I've given up.

Is there a way I can address 2 and 3?

Operationally, but mostly visually, my music collection is a hot mess. I hate opening up My Music and seeing all these incorrect and duplicate album covers. As with all my other beautiful Apple hardware and services, I want my music collection to look perfect.

I don't see how these issues will ever be fixed. If I wasn't so deeply invested in the Apple ecosystem, I'd bail out. But that ship has sailed. I absolutely love all my other Apple hardware and services (iMac, iPhone, iPad, Watch, TV, etc.), but my music collection is pushing my OCD over the edge!

Thanks for allowing me to vent!
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Oct 11, 2011
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I have to agree with your 3 points.

Point #2 I've just learned to deal with, I don't really have a work around for that.

For point # 1, I manually change the album art that I don't like in iTunes from my computer, and let the changes sync on my other devices.

For point 3, I've only experienced this with certain albums I downloaded from  Music. In these cases I've had songs I downloaded or purchased as singles (before an album was released). After downloading the full album I noticed I had duplicates of whatever singles I had, so I just deleted the duplicate tracks.


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Oct 11, 2011
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The only other major gripe I have is this annoying bug:

ImageUploadedByiMore Forums1462834716.004655.jpg

I can't stand it! Whenever I'm in an area with weak data connection, everything goes blank. I can't even access music I have stored offline.

I'm in NYC and I commute on the subway, so my data connection fades in and out throughout my entire commute. Many times I have to wait until I re-establish a stronger data connection or it drops to zero bars. I don't understand why it does that.

Apple's podcast app doesn't do this, Spotify's app never did this. If the data signal is weak I should be allowed to at least access my offline content. Its so annoying that if they don't fix it in the next update I'm going back to Spotify.

Rob Phillips

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May 1, 2012
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According to the rumor mill, Apple is working on a major Music overhaul to announce during WWDC. If they're trying to become a "services company" they have to do something to improve the Music user experience.


Feb 20, 2014
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I have over 9k songs and have yet to experience such issues with Apple Music.
This must be because I'm a stickler for ID3 tags and have been using it since 1998.

You can use software like Tag&Rename or MusicBrainz and other to check and correct ID3 tags.
After correcting it simply go to iTunes, tap on Get Info for the very first song and you'll see the tag will also will be corrected for that song in iTunes.

For point 3, simply delete duplicate songs if you're certain they're not the same.

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