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Aug 21, 2021
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Am a long-time iPhone user and have an existing iTunes playlist from my mp3 files. As I subscribed to Apple Music, I have uploaded my existing iTunes playlist to my cloud library. Now, with the introduction of the lyric feature in Apple Music, I noticed that it is only limited to songs from Apple Music. So I have decided to create a new playlist based on my existing playlist.


I am currently browsing the songs in Apple Music and add them manually one by one.
Noticed that although I searched for the artist name then album and proceed to the song track and add the song manually into my new playlist, Apple Music somehow add-in the song from my cloud library instead of from Apple Music itself. It is a nightmare to me.

Questions :

Issue no.1: Is there any more effective and efficient ways of adding the songs into my new playlist?

Issue no.2: How to prevent Apple Music from adding the same song from my cloud library into my new playlist? I want the song to be directly from Apple Music and not my cloud library.

Thank you.


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Jan 8, 2012
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Any songs you choose from Apple Music's subscription catalog also get saved to iCloud Music Library, where you can stream and download them, as well as add them to playlists.

Matched, uploaded, and purchased tracks reside in iCloud Music Library, Apple's cloud-based music locker. Users can stream or download these tracks from iCloud Music Library as long as their Apple Music subscription remains active; downloaded tracks will either show up as a 256kbps matched DRM-free AAC file or an AAC-converted file of tracks you uploaded.

the above and other related information can be viewed via the following link. Hopefully, it’ll be helpful to you.


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Aug 27, 2021
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I don’t know if I’d call this easy but it’s probably pretty fast. On your iPhone open Shazam, on a pc or anything that will play your YT playlist, play first song for one second, then click next, play next song for a second, click next -> et al.
Shazam picks up songs pretty quick in my usage but I don’t know if one second will do it.
The Shazam playlist syncs to Apple Music.

Only other option I know of is on the web. They seemingly have a way to take ‘Any Service’ playlist to ‘any service’ new playlist. I’ve Never used it (I’m diehard Apple Music) but I hear it works.

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