Apple Music Questions on DAPs


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Mar 6, 2022
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My library consists of purchased iTunes AAC music and FLAC files burned from my CD collection. I listen to my music primarily on an Astell and Kerns DAP/DAC with Fostex headphones. I am considering converting my iTunes music to Apple lossless with an Apple Music subscription but I have a few questions:

1. Once my iTunes library has been converted to lossless, can I keep the lossless files on multiple devices as long as I have an active subscription? That is, my primary music library will be stored on my external hard drive but I need to have the lossless files available on my DAP/DAC for routine listening.

2. Directly on the A&K DAP/DAC I have created my own playlists consisting of music from iTunes AAC and FLAC files. Can I also create playlists on the DAP/DAC with the Apple lossless and FLAC files?

3. For Apple Music to verify monthly that my account is valid, does each device with the AM files need to be verified (in my case, both the external hard drive where my music library is stored and the A&K DAP/DAC) or can either of the devices be used to verify the account (as long as there is an internet conncection?


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Aug 27, 2021
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Here’s my best answers:
1-In my own experience, a single Apple Music(AM) subscription applies to all devices logged in under your AppleID (the same AppleID that signed up for AM). These devices will all be able to take advantage of the AM feature of downloading music for offline listening. If your DAP runs Android, you should (though definitely not all) be able to install AM and login with your AppleID. The downloads for offline play should be available there as well.
3-Apple will null your downloaded for offline music, all of it everywhere, once your subscription has expired (this does not apply to individually purchased music). It’s a very serious royalty-copyright issue for Apple to have a method provided for unpurchased music to be played after a subscription is cancelled. While I can’t tell you the precise methodology, you can take it to the bank that unpurchased downloaded for offline listening songs on every device are null very quickly after cancelling AM. For the external hard drive, everything on it will be entirely dependent on the device that it connected to that contains the AM app. Keeping that device offline is something I can’t speak to but I suspect the music will be useless to you if kept offline for just a modest time.

On 2, I don’t know. If the DAP can have AM installed, any playlists created on AM from any device should be seen on the DAP’s AM too.

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