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    I have a problem and I no longer know what to do anymore ....

    My iCloud not fully update the information I have recorded, missing a lot of notes and contacts are also not all ...

    I have just maked a copy in iCloud after deleting some notes who I had already copied to an Excel and does ones no longer appear but still lacking all the others that was missing before and that I still have in the iPhone.

    I have done the backup directly on iPhone and iTunes and even then the Notes and Contacts that appear are not updated in the iCloud, I need to organize my notes because there are many professional data...

    I was confident that the iCloud did the updates correctly but apparently not and that makes me very worried!!!!

    Somebody help me ...

    05-03-2014 06:37 AM
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    1. Double-check the iCloud setting and make sure you have Notes is set to be synced: Settings - iCloud
    2. Go to Settings - Mail, Contacts, Calendars and verify that the "Default Account" is iCloud, if it is suppose to be.
    3. Initiate the Contacts app, tap on "Groups" in the upper left corner and then make sure that "All Contacts" have a checkmark next to it. Afterwards, select "Done" in the upper right corner.
    4. Verify that your missing contacts are available.
    5. Go to Settings - Notes and make sure that "iCloud" is set to be the default account.

    Make sure you have internet access when inputting your data to be synced because if you do not, it will not be able to sync to the iCloud website and to any other device.
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    05-03-2014 08:39 AM

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