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    ok i am kinder new here guys, and i have an iphone 3gs, and i jail broke it 2 months ago with blackrain, but had to keep doing that tethered jail break, everytime, the divice switched of. however since yersterday, been having problems, and now everytime, i run blackrain, it will run, and get stuck, on the geohart screen, then a small circle would come in the middle, and the phone would swicth of and go back to that itunes logo, please help what do i do to fix this please,and i hope i dont have to restore, via itunes,and then be unable to jailbreak, please help am desperate. i use windows 7. what could have caused this issue, cause in the past, was able to carry out this tetherd jail break without problems.
    03-01-2010 05:26 PM