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    5 of us in my office are experiencing issues where our iphones will not ring when called. Some are jailbroken others are not. We're in the northern virginia area, Alexandria specifically.

    I'm on the line with the ATT rep at the moment and we tried having him call while im on another call and call waiting does seem to work. One of my coworkers reported that if the phone 'open' and the screen was lit up then calls would ring it, but not if he clicked the top button and then a call came in.

    The ATT tech is reporting that there arent any other reports of this issue, even though I know one of my coworkers already reported this. He tried to pass me off on an Apple tech, which I told him wouldn't be OK because i had verified the issue as being with the service. I'm now on to level 2 support at ATT.

    Level 2 support says there arent any issue with the towers in the area (don't laugh, we have awesome ATT coverage all over the DC area). They can't do anything and are sure that this is an Apple issue... Can't wait to talk to the Apple rep and have them tell me it's an ATT issue...

    Anyone else seeing this?
    08-14-2009 04:22 PM