1. iMore Question's Avatar
    Since the last two iPhone updates, I've had several apps crash and shut down in the middle of me using them. There are no updates for these apps so I don't know what else to do. Can anyone help me?
    11-02-2016 07:47 AM
  2. nikkisharif's Avatar
    Look in the App Store to see if the apps that are crashing are compatible with the updates you've taken. If they haven't been updated then this is your culprit. If that's not the issue, try a hard reboot. Press and hold the power & home buttons at the same time until the Apple logo appears then let go. This will reboot your device and usually fixes those minor issues.
    11-03-2016 07:56 PM
  3. Westiemom's Avatar
    In addition to the reboot, as Nikkisharif mentioned, check your phone's memory. How many gigabytes of memory do you have and how many have you used? (Check under storage, which is found under general settings. ) If you have very little memory left apps will act up like this too. You might need to delete some apps you don't use or back up your photos(and then delete from your phone) to a cloud service like iCloud, Dropbox, Googles cloud service, or others, in order to free up memory and give your apps room to work.
    11-03-2016 10:28 PM

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