Why isn't my computer able to connect via the internet to the iTunes store?


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My computer is not able to connect via the internet to the iTune store

For months now, I receive a message from the Apple iTune store that my computer is not connected to the internet yet I can access any site that is not an Apple site.
I have contacted Apple tech service and they are unable to offer any resolutions and even their code engineers are unable to determine a root cause or a corrective action.
An error message called 11222 is offered when I run a diagnostic and the Apple technical team do not know what this error code number means.
I have had my computer scrubbed clean of any irregular software and my computer been optimized and updated yet Apple still tells me that I don't have internet connectivity.
Can anyone offer any thoughts as to why this challenging situation has occured with Apple and my computer.
Apple has been working on this problem for over 60 days with no resolution and no direction on how to remedy this matter.
Any thoughts or assistance would be greatly appreciated.


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Jan 8, 2012
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My computer is not able to connect via the internet to the iTune store

.....and what is the make, model and age of your computer? Furthermore, why is it Apple's fault that your computer can't access the iTunes Store?

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