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Aug 30, 2018
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New iOS app SwissTasks: emails, calendar events, goals, notes, time logging, event logging, value logging

Do you use many different apps with tasks such as a todo manager, an email app, a notebook, a calendar, a time logger, and a motivational app? SwissTasks shows due items such as notes, emails, calendar events and things to log in one list. It also supports you to achieve your goals by means of a weekly score.

SwissTasks offers

* A unified task list to see at a glance what’s next
* A weekly score that reflects goal achievement
* Detailed reports to improve your weekly score

Items shown that can have due dates

* Notes
* Emails (postponable)
* Calendar events (iCloud, Exchange)
* Event categories with goals (example: go swimming every 7 days)
* Event categories with exact-time goals (example: go to bed at 10 pm)
* Value categories with goals (example: weight of 74 kg)
* Duration categories with goals (example: study 10 hours per week)
* Meta categories with goals (example: do sports every day)
* Command categories (example: tap to show the latest weekly report)
* Tags (can hold various other items)
* Associated tags (shown together with other items such as calendar events)
* Flashcards (Leitner system)
* Intentions (shown at random)

Other noteworthy features

* Use intuitive swipe gestures
* Use stopwatches to log durations
* Import iCloud Reminders
* Save encrypted backups to Dropbox
* Automatically log your steps
* See whether you have walked enough during each hour
* Visualize data to see trends over time
* Search globally and within a list
* Perform actions on selected rows
* Long-press for a powerful context menu

Apple Watch

* Log an event or a value
* Start/stop a stopwatch
* Add a new note via Scribble or dictation

Made in Switzerland

SwissTasks (


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