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Aug 29, 2014
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This is a moment I've been looking forward to for the last three years: My new app Treeceps is now available on the App Store!

Working out - to me has always felt like leveling up yourself: With every workout, you gain a little bit of strength. And I always wished there was an app where this analogy becomes a reality. With Treeceps this dream comes true. Go on your own fitness adventure in a lively world where everything relates to your activity and training!
In Germany/Switzerland/Austria Treeceps was featured by Apple in "Apps We Love Right Now". ������


I made an Apple-inspired reveal video that tells you all about Treeceps:

Why did you make Treeceps?
I’ve never been the kind of guy that loved sports. I hated PE in school, I didn’t really enjoy team sports that much… But I always liked the thought of continuously improving myself. And I loved playing Pokémon, Maple Story other RPGs, especially during my childhood! Leveling up always felt very fulfilling to me. When I fell in love with strength training and transforming my body, I noticed why I loved it so much: Working out - to me has always felt like leveling up yourself: With every workout, you gain a little bit of strength. From this moment on, I always wished there was an app, where this analogy becomes a reality. Treeceps makes this dream come true!

Most strength training apps are either
  • Casual - easy to use, fun (guided circuit training, e.g. Seven) but only really effective for beginners
  • Advanced - harder to use (require familiarity with training, e.g. Strong) but a lot more effective Users of casual apps often don’t feel advanced apps are for them. - Fearing they don’t have the experience, equipment, or are intimidated by the bodybuilder-like style.

Treeceps bridges this gap: Aiming to be at least as accessible and fun as the best casual apps, while being as effective as the best advanced apps. Experienced users find everything they wish for and more. - In a unique, gamified world. Beginners are put on a journey, learning strength training, based on scientific evidence, in a friendly world, rep by rep.

Features of Treeceps
To get into great shape by working out, you need to do two things: 1.) Be active and get lean. 2.) Get strong and build muscle.
Treeceps helps you achieve both of these goals. By going on your own fitness adventure in a lively world where everything relates to your training.
1.) Be active and get lean by increasing your daily activity
  • Your steps in the real world produce grass and feed Runimals
  • Grow flowers and unlock Runimals through fitness achievements
  • Climb flights of stairs and grow your lighthouse
  • An immersive world, influenced by your activity, with simulated daytime and weather effects
  • Receive humorous weather forecasts to find out the perfect moment to go for a walk
2.) Get strong and build muscle with highly effective workouts
  • Train at home or in the gym by choosing your equipment
  • No experience required: Treeceps will teach you how to perform real, effective strength training, rep by rep
  • If you’re new to strength training: Let the artificial intelligence create the perfect plan, based on your time, equipment and goals
  • For experienced lifters: Create your own routine and track it in the world of Treeceps
  • High quality 3D animations (female + male) show exactly how exercises should be performed
  • Receive science based tips for your training by Dr. Fox
  • Easy to use workout tracker that guides you through your training in a way like no other app does
  • Advanced features such as 3D muscle utilization visualization, detailed workload and fatigue estimation per muscle group, RPE tracking, progress statistics, progression suggestions and much more

Built from the ground up with Apple Technologies
Since this is r/Apple I'd like to highlight that Treeceps is available exclusively for iOS and built from the ground up with Apple Technologies
  • SceneKit: Immersive world with simulated daytime, weather, detailed exercise animations
  • CloudKit: Use on iPhone during the day, admire progress on iPad at home
  • Core Motion: Real time steps
  • HealthKit: Progress with Apple Watch
  • Game Center, SpriteKit, iOS 13 Dark Mode and more

Background of Treeceps
My name is Joe, I’m a 24 year old iOS developer from Germany. Although I spent almost everyday of the last three years life developing Treeceps, it never felt like work to me! In many ways Treeceps is the culmination of everything that I ever loved doing.
Treeceps also integrates with my gamified weight tracking app Scelta.
For my Human Computer Interaction bachelor thesis I developed and evaluated the step tracking feature of Treeceps. My goal was to find the best way to employ gamification, the use of game design elements in non-game contexts, to promote physical activity. To achieve this, I looked at findings from many related research papers from Psychology, Health research and Human Computer Interaction. In an experiment I was able to show that Treeceps did indeed increase daily activity to a higher degree than a quantified control group app that I also developed. The thesis was graded 1.0 (A+).
Now, after finishing my Human Computer Interaction Bachelor, it’s my biggest goal to make a living of developing Treeceps one day. I have so many ideas for the future and I think the story of Treeceps has only just begun.
Be sure to let your friends & family know about Treeceps and share the app with anyone who might be interested. It means the world to me! If you have any questions, suggestions, just let me know. You can also contact me via email in the settings tab of Treeceps. I'm happy to hear from you!

P.S.: Press Info
If you're a journalist or blogger and would like to write about Treeceps, I have prepared a Press Kit on my website for you to make your job as easy as possible. It includes a pdf with a review guide, marketing images, raw screenshots for iPhone and iPad and the app icon. If you need anything else feel free to contact me at

May the gains be with all of you! ������������



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Thank you and we wish you the best of success with your app. In the meantime, please take a moment to familiarize yourself with the App and Developer Forum Rules & Guidelines found via the following link.


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