MetaMaster, EXIF viewer/editor [all iOS devices]


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Oct 8, 2018
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MetaMaster: Beyond the EXIF
Pre-order price: $0.99 (before 14 November 2020)
Normal price: $2.99 (after 14 November 2020)

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Welcome to the world beyond the basic EXIF! With MetaMaster you can discover much more than simple photo and video information.

EXIF metadata
MetaMaster supports multiple metadata sections such as EXIF, EXIF auxiliary, TIFF, IPTC, GPS and more. The metadata is sorted by sections for easy navigation. You can also select which sections to show in the viewer and editor for each media type, such as photo, video or Live Photo.

Video metadata
Apart from reading QuickTime metadata, MetaMaster also extracts additional information about video and audio files, such as video bit rate, frame rate, audio bit rate and more. Unlike many other EXIF viewers, MetaMaster correctly recognises slow motion videos and their frame rate.

EXIF editor
MetaMaster allows modifying the EXIF data of photos*, videos and Live Photos. You can modify orientation, date and time, location and much more. Edited Live Photos remain as such when saved to the camera roll. Animated GIFs preserve all their frames and you can also change the loop count.

Individual resources
Did you know that a photo or a video on your iOS device is not always a single file? They are assets, that sometimes contain multiple resources. For example, when you edit a photo, its edited copy is saved alongside the original one. With MetaMaster you can access all these resources, inspect their metadata and even extract them into a separate asset. No need to revert your edits just to retrieve the original copy of your photo or video anymore.

Depth masks
Photos captured in portrait mode contain depth masks alongside the colour image. MetaMaster can access these masks, inspect their metadata (yes, they also have metadata!) and extract them into a separate asset. You can use these masks for creative editing techniques, like double exposure.

- View EXIF and other metadata of photos, videos, and Live Photos
- View advanced metadata of videos (bit rate, codec, audio sample rate, etc). MetaMaster correctly recognises Slow Motion videos
- View detailed location information with a map representation
- Sort photos and videos by date in ascending and descending order
- View photos and videos in grid and list modes
- View photos and videos in a specific album
- View individual resources of a media asset (original or edited version, alternate photo, or paired video)
- View depth or portrait mask in portrait photos
- Edit EXIF data of photos*, videos, and Live Photos
- Extract individual resources from a media asset
- Delete, favourite, or edit multiple items in a batch mode
- Share media without a location or totally anonymised
- Setup which sections will be shown in the metadata viewer and editor for photos, videos, and Live Photos
- With action extension, you can open media in MetaMaster directly from other apps
- Support for dark mode

* RAW photos are read-only and their metadata cannot be currently changed

There is also a beta test build currently available to try the app before pre-order