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Popsup on my iphone 5,6.0.1!help needed!!!


New member
Oct 14, 2011
So i usually watch shows online using my iphone 5 without a problem but yesterday popups started showing and im not sure if its normal for us IOS users.Ive been googleing for answers and i found a walkaround and seems to work and not really!so heres what i did so far!
--i go to Settings-Safari-turn of Javascript-the popups and ads are gone but when i go to m.youtube.com or any sites that have heavy ads it will automatically turn on the Javascript on the settings and popups came back.im not sure if any of you guys experiencing the same.do i need to be worried for viruses or malwares on my iphone?


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Jun 2, 2009
This all depends on the site you go to. Disabling Javascript is a workaround, but it breaks more than it fixes usually.