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My iPhone 5c has lost all the music from my purchased, how can I get them back?


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my iphone 5c has lost all the msic from my purchased

ok, so I plugged my iphone 5c into my computer to try to add some songs- it automatically upgraded all the software and has wiped all of my purchased music and I had to manually add it all back on. I then looked again this morning after waiting up late at night to get it all on there and its saying I now have to download them all again. I have had problems playing the music when not at home on wifi so have individually made them all available offline. is this right and will they now play? the new iTunes is hopeless and added all my old stuff onto my phone taking all of the stuff I wanted to go on there off. so I tried to get rid of the music I don't want on my laptop and it wouldn't let me so have had to go through my phone individually selecting the music I want/ don't. is this meant to happen?
im scared to leave the house with no wifi now as the songs may go off again- ive got like 450 downloaded songs from iTunes or something like that.

anybody any ideas please.


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Aug 17, 2010
Re: my iphone 5c has lost all the msic from my purchased

Have you tried turning off the radios and testing?