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MMS Ghosts


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Sep 19, 2009
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Hi guys, I'm new to this forum, been with iPhone since October 2008, got no answer in other forums to this particular problem. I use 3G iPhone 8GB SF, jailbroken, OS 3.0.1.
The problem started since I upgraded to 3.0 and enabled MMS. I sent a couple MMS, then deleted them. Then I get an SMS from an unrelated contact. In a preview I see his text, but when I open his message I see the text and sometimes the picture from the previously deleted MMS to a different person. Then another SMS comes in - another deleted MMS picture pops up, and so on.
I checked with my carrier, thought it was their mix-up - they referred me to a good psychiatrist.
I WinSCP'd to /var/mobile/Library/SMS, found there 2files sms.db and legacy-sms.db which I left intact, of course, and 2 folders:parts and Drafts which contained some pictures of the MMS's which were supposed to be deleted!! I emptied these 2 folders, but the problem keeps coming.
My contacts notice nothing wrong, by the way, they get the correct pictures and texts, the mix-up is only at my iPhone.
Any ideas?
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Jul 21, 2009
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I have never had that problem but have seen similar problems. So I can guess that what might be happening is when you send the picture it probably uses a generic name ie. image001, image002, etc. Sometimes the images are kept in cache so when you delete the image and your contact sends you an MMS using the same name image001, etc. it will substitue the real image with the one in cache. I'm not for sure but it is a possible explanation.

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