Is there an issue with the camera of my iPhone 6 plus?

Mitko Iliev

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Jun 5, 2014
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Recently I've been comparing my 6 plus camera to my 5s camera.It's come to my attention that my 5s camera takes better quality shots than my 6 plus.I may be overreacting because I am an obsessive person and umm I certainly don't have an eye for detail but it looks to me like the pics that I take with my 5s in low light have more detail to them than the ones I take with my 6 plus.I know that both cameras use a different hardware so this may be normal and the 6 plus pics may not even be worse in terms of quality but still...I need other ppl's opinion.If you have an iPhone 6 plus and a 5s as well or if you happen to know about cameras pls give me your opinion.If there's an issue I need to know so i can have my phone replaced at an Apple Store.You can see some pictures here: Thanks in advance!


Sep 7, 2010
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The pictures you took that are in that thread don't really give a good example of what you are describing outside of maybe the first one (where the 6 Plus clearly shows more detail in the surface of whatever that is you took a picture of).

Bottom line, as a person who is a stickler for the cameras on these devices...the 6 Plus camera is fantastic, and to me, is the best camera that has been put on an iPhone to date. Here is a good example of the differences in ability...last season I had my 5S AND my 6 Plus at a Braves game, and I took a picture to show the difference in camera ability for my own curiosity.

iPhone 5S


6 Plus


...all that said, if you're concerned about your camera performance, make an appointment with the Apple store and have it exchanged...this camera on the 6 Plus is fantastic.


Jun 13, 2012
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I might wrong in concluding that the fact that the 6 plus takes up more physical space than the 5S it could affect light and shadow on the lens. If that's true there are ways to compensate for this for personal preference in the results of a picture.

Does the 6Plus take better pics than a 5S? Some may feel one way or the other.

Does the 6Plus take excellent pics? I say yes.

It's your prerogative to get the phone replaced but if you do and have the same results what then?

Also does a case come into play in any of these photos? I always refer to my experience with a 4S and how crappy the photos looked all because the case I was using was affecting light and shadow.

I believe when A+B testing iPhone cameras the conditions have to be equal on a tripod or something with the same lighting and the lens being in the same space for a rigorous test.

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Sep 12, 2008
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This will probably sound stupid so take it as you will. I find that I have to snap more pictures on my 6 Plus than I did 5 and 5S to get the best picture I can take. Why? Because I have shaky hands and the smaller device made it easier for me to hold my phone more still to get a good picture in low light. Your low light pictures look like they had bad focus.

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