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Iphone 6 Earpiece Volume Very Low?


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Feb 16, 2014
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I had the same problem. I had to increase the volume all the way up to hear music through my old headphones. Just put the new headphones on that came with my iPhone 6. Problem solved. Volume at halfway is now perfect.

Hope this helps.

I understand totally. Not all headphones have the same impedance and magnetic drivers. Some cheap inexpensive ear phones may sound tinny and weak, so turning up the volume louder may be necessary to hear the sound produced. My Etymotics I have to turn the volume way down first before putting them in my ears, or I will blast my ear drums. Once they are in, I just adjust to the normal listening pleasure I have come to know and expect at a whole lot less volume level than other headphones. It all depends on the headphones you are using and what they are rated at for sound quality.


Dec 23, 2013
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I've tried everything on forums and failed. Used software noise cancellation, Mono Audio, Bluetooth off, blowers, brushes.... I was considering changing my phone tomorrow because I could only use the loudspeaker. This afternoon a got a very fine NEEDLE and used to clear the earpiece and just punctured 2 holes in it that couldn't be seen without a magnifier, it's as good as new. Dust clogs the extremely fine holes in the piece and it wouldn't get cleared with blowers & brushes.


Thank you! This works!! Use a needle to clean the very fine pores of the earpiece. Just use a magnifier and puncture a couple of holes (enough to just get thru the grate, don't damage it or push too hard) - the small punctures will clear out microscopic dirt. Volume MUCH louder back to normal iPhone 6s

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