Song Association Game


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Jan 15, 2016
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I've always thought this was a fun forum game to play when there's nothing to do and no posts to reply to. I snagged the rules from another forum I use to belong to awhile back (thank you Notes_Norton!)

1: Follow the song posted with an associated song.
2: No YouTube links (thread pages will take forever to load!)
3: Keep it clean. We may have yunguns here.
4: If the association isn't obvious, please explain it so we all can get it.
5: For clarification: Song notes, tunes, bars, rifs, sounds, etc. do not count.

Not really a rule, but try to stay on topic pretty please.

How To Play:
Format: Post the song name first followed by the singer, band, or orchestral name.

Explanation: You could use a word or more from either the Song title or the Artist's name.

For example:
Sherry - The Four Seasons
could be followed by
The Four Seasons - Vivaldi


Or a related concept:

Hot Rod Lincoln - Commander Cody
could be followed by
Highway Star - Deep Purple
both are about fast cars.


Or a word association between two songs:

Fire and Ice - Pat Benatar
could be followed by
Freeze Frame - J. Geils Band
i'll let you guess the association with this one


Try not to post repeats, but it's OK if you do -- it's only a game and we aren't keeping score.

Remember to reply to the person above you, not my original post.


I'll go first;

Kashmir - Led Zeppelin