I got an error 3194 when trying to restore my jail broken iPod. What are my options?


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Jul 25, 2016
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I was trying to jailbreak and IPod 5th Generation IOS 8.0.2 with TaiG and after a while it just got stuck at the Apple logo with the bar under it and wouldn't make any progress so, I unplugged it from my computer and plugged it back in (which was probably pretty stupid) and then it would not make any progress at the same screen so I opened ITunes and tried to restore it (also probably pretty stupid) and I got the error 3194, so I tried it again and got the same error so i Googled the error and it said to add ITunes to my hosts file and I did and got the same error then I looked over at my IPod and saw it had a screen on it with the ITunes logo (I guess saying it was updating or restoring from my pc) and now I can no longer access my IPod Touch please help me I think I really messed up!!


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Jun 16, 2009
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Its an IPod 5G though. Will that mess it up?

It's already messed up! The info on that thread should help you fix it. :)

You other option is to bite the bullet and go to Apple and ask for help, they MIGHT help you. While they are under no obligation to do so since you jailbroke the device SOMETIMES if you are honest,, they will have compassion and fix it. They have THE best customer service. BUT as I said jailbreaking is a big no no for them, and it WILL be evident so don't even think about not telling them. Be honest and apologetic, and maybe you get lucky! :) (What's that old saying? "Honesty is the best policy!")

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