auto brightness dims display too much in low light environments


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Mar 10, 2020
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so, the other night I was coming back from disposing of pet waste(cat owner here) had the control center up, and was trying to swipe, so I could get to the flashlight icon to turn it off, and accidentally nailed the brightness slider, bottoming out my screen's brightness.

now, whenever I'm in a low light environment(eg my living room, overcast day, pleasantly dark but not pitch black) the display dims way too much, and constant attempts to address this by resetting the slider to where I want it..are pretty much disregarded as soon as I lock my phone.

am I missing something here? is this a case of machine learning falling over, or a decision by apple made based on popular opinion(Feedback)?

Iphone se 3rd gen, 2022 model
os is Ios 16.6 as of this post.

have tried a range of steps, including adjusting via the display settings under settings itself, disabling, re-enabling auto brightness, and checked for accessibility options. I'm on the hesitant side in regards to running a device restore as that'll necessitate ALOT of setup work again.