How do I attach a file to an existing email conversation on an iPad?


iMore Question are demanding I send them a screenshot of a bookling I made before they will honor it, they want it attached to the existing email trail, I have the screenshot required but can not figure out how to attach it. I have already sent it on a new mail to them but the idiots say they can't find it. They are hoping I will give up, please help it can't be that hard to do, I can do it easily on my Dell desktop at nome.


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Jan 8, 2012
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Re: How do I attach a file to an existing email trail on an ipad

1. Select to reply to the message.
2. Tap on a section in the reply where you want to insert the screenshot.
3. Tap and hold on that area until you see a menu appear. Press the arrow at the right side of the displayed menu option. After that, select to insert photo or video.