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How can I tell if my T-Mobile iPhone is unlocked?


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Jan 11, 2011
I reached out to T-Mobile over 24 hours ago to request an unlock. They tried sending me the email 6 times but it was never received. I contacted them again and the rep said that it shows as approved in their system.

I have restored 6 times in iTunes using the T-Mobile sim and another carrier sim (as suggested by Apple) and I cannot get the "Congratulations" message to appear. I do see the carrier name of the non T-Mobile sim, and it has 5 bars. That sim isn't active so I can't test calls.

I tried imei.info and the unlock status comes back as unknown.

Is there any other way to confirm the status? I don't want to send it to the buyer until I know for sure.


Feb 20, 2014
If you see a carrier other than T-Mobile it's unlocked. Don't sweat it, when in doubt, ask a friend for his non-T-Mobile sim to test it.