Home Button is not working (can't get proper contact to the gold pins on the phone)


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I fixed my screen from the Iphone 5 this week.

what I did:

-> bought a complete screen kit, because was to lazy to get out the camera and the other stuff from my old broken screen.

-> so disabled my iphone 5 screen and put the new one everything seamed to work fine so I put everything together... And then I noticed that my home button wasn't working

-> so I opened the phone again took a conductive screw driver and shortcut the gold pins on my phone and the home button signal gets trough

-> OK board was fine so I took the home button off the screen and checked it with my multimeter and the home button gives contact too with the button out off the screen I placed it over the board ( with a finger making pressure over the contact circles and the pins) pressed on the home button and got signal to the phone....

-> so I tried to get the pins a little higher (bend them lithely) screw the home button to my screen put it all back together... and the home button didn't get contact again...


My home button is fine
My iphone 5 board is fine ( shortcut the pins everything works fine)
My screen is repaired

but the stupid gold pins do not get proper contact with the gold circles of the home button!!!!!

Does someone has any better Idea then just solder two tiny cables from the pins to the screen?