HELP: Unlocked iphone 6 from Apple Store but invoice says it is AT&T


Aug 28, 2012
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I made a purchase of Iphone 6 at full price yesterday from Grand Central NY Apple Store. I wanted to buy an unlocked device so that i can take it back to India. Hence i asked the sales rep for an unlocked version / T-mobile one, however i was told by the sales rep that all the phones sold at full price at Apple Store are unlocked and T-mobile ones are out of stock i can pick up AT&T one which as well will be unlocked by default. So i decided to pick one up . While going through the invoice i can read "It can be used only with AT&T wireless service" :( :( :(

Kinda confused here if this is actually an unlocked phone or not?? Can some one explain if any idea about this. How can i check if this phone is unlocked or not and is there any kind of regional lock - Like say i check with different sims from US and it works however if i go back to India and it won't work???

Any suggestions help will be great here.. :)

Thanks in advance


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