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VZW Apple Watch with AT&T data?


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Jul 19, 2008
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May I please ask a really stupid question?

I have an Apple Watch 4 that I bought through Verizon & have been using with Verizon. I’m going to upgrade soon, and my cousin wants to but my watch...but she’s an AT&T customer.

Can she use my Verizon Apple Watch on an AT&T data plan?

I know that VZW iPhones are unlocked & can be used on the AT&T network with no problem at all...but I’m unsure about the watch! She can’t afford a new one & id like to help her out.

Thanks in advance!


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Sep 2, 2013
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Changing carriers

Your iPhone and Apple Watch must use the same carrier, unless the watch was set up for a family member who doesn't have an iPhone. If you change carriers on your iPhone,* you need to remove the previous service plan on your Apple Watch and sign up for a new plan. Here's how:

On your iPhone, open the Apple Watch app.
Tap the My Watch tab, then tap Cellular.
Your Apple Watch should automatically switch to the carrier that your iPhone is using. If you need to add a new plan, tap Add a New Plan, then follow the onscreen steps. If your previous plan still appears in the Apple Watch app, you can remove it.

If you need help, contact your carrier.

* Carrier fees may apply. Contact your carrier for details.


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Oct 23, 2012
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FWIW, when the S3, which was the first watch with cellular service, first came out, people had issues moving from Verizon to other US carriers. I don't recall reading about that as an issue since then, but just wanted to throw that data point out there.

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