CONTEST: How do you use the iPhone for your job?

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Jul 5, 2008
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I am a biology professor/researcher, and I use the iPhone all the time! Ranging from field work, to in the class, and in the lab, having an iPhone comes in handy in any number of ways. There really isn't a "typical day" because my routine may vary so much, but i use the iPhone in just about every facet of my job!

If I am in the field, I use the GPS capabilities both when driving to field locations (Navigon and Magellan GPS apps are great) as well as identifying the actual GPS coordinates of various field sites (and of course taking pictures of the field sites is always important as well!). Of course, having continual access to email while I am in the field for multiple days at a time means I can keep in touch with the activities going on in my lab in my absence. And I don't need to worry about bringing a notebook with me - I can record the information directly on the iPhone notebook app! I often find my best ideas for new research projects come to me when driving back and forth from the field - now, when I think of something, I just use the voice recorder to record a memo so that I don't forget it (since I am an absent minded professor, after all).

In the lab, using Convert when trying how to mix up solutions and convert units for measurements is helpful - it makes me seem much smarted to my students. And when I am feeding colony mosquitoes by sticking my arm in the cage (yes, I do that), I can try to tune out the discomfort by listening to some tunes from my phone. In addition, I can use the timer app to let me know when my feeding schedule is over (and then it is time for my students to take their turn, bwah-hah-hah-hah!).

And lastly, in the classroom, when I am giving a test, rather than sit looking bored while students are frantically trying to remember everything they know about disease transmission models, I can amuse myself with a nice game of Jewel Quest or Battleships (sound off, of course). If I decide to actually be productive while my students are taking a test, I can use the Papers app to read some new manuscripts that have come out so I can keep on top of the research in my field.

Having these handy applications available at the touch of a button (figuratively) means that I don't have to lug extra equipment. And when the day is done, I can settle down and play a game of cribbage against my wife with the peer to peer connect option, as I wind down thinking about what I need to do the next day!



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Aug 24, 2009
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The Feds... This is my Life

1. I work for the Feds in the Newark, NJ/ NY Area and I am a US Customs and Border Protection Officer (thats right, we are the ones who pulled that NYC terrorist off the plane a few weeks ago).

2. I wake up to my iPhone playlist from my alarm app (it motivates me) and 1st thing i do is check emails, sms, and missed calls --if any. I check News7(NY news) and the Whitehouse app for any breaking news or any news for that matter. I check ESPN app for any games i missed. I then begin my daily morning post on FB. I open my starbucks app and create an order for my favorite daily Mocha :p ready to be picked up to start my day at work.

3. Now while im in my office at work, while browsing thru gov't emails, i also open my To-Do List app to check out what i have to get done for the day. This list is updated by me daily so im constantly using this app. Now depending on how my day is going... If im involved in a drug seizure which i get alot of those, i use the camera to take tons of pix of what narcotics we seized and if there was a suspect involved, i take the mugshot of them using my iPhone camera(i have pix to prove it ;) ).Also, when i work in Nogales, Arizona on the Southwest Land Border for a Tour of Duty (Yes that place you hear about on the News), I use my VIN Hunter Pro app to scan any cars VIN before passing into Mexico to make sure they match because they could be stolen.

4. Now finally after a hard day at work, I open up NFS or Chop Chop Ninja games and relax myself before doing it all over again tomorrow :eek:

As you can see, i use my iPhone quite a bit while at work. I wouldnt be surprised if these become standard issued :D That would be great actually...

Most Used Apps for Work:
1. Alarm Pro w/ playlist
2. News 7 and Whitehouse App
3. ESPN and Starbucks App (I need my daily dosage of sugah lol)
4. To-Do List App
5. iPhone 3G|s| Camera (its full of mugshots and Seizures)
6. Video Games (Yes Really!)

...Take care everyone :)
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Jun 3, 2010
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The Legal iPhone

1.My job, then one that pays me when I'm not carting kids to all form of activities, is an attorney in Texas.
2.I use my iphone from the time I wake up until I go to sleep at night. For the work day specifically I use my iphone in normal and not so normal ways every day. During the average workday I use the iphone to check email when away from my desk, review documents, and communicate via phone, email or text with the office and/or clients. I utilize the iphone for these purposes when in the conference room, a cowokers office, in the car, the courthouse, at depostitions and at lunch. It is my office in the palm of my hand. Recently, while in an airport, I used the phone for a four hour hearing (thanks to the Judge who allowed this); however, I do not believe I will attempt a hearng on my iphone at an AIRPORT TERMINAL in the near future. The phone worked fantastically but I had to keep it on mute for most of the time.
3.My job is exponetially easier with the quick sync of my office and personal emails and the automatic sync of my office calendar. I love having the ability to view an email while speaking withsomeone, or even playing the frequent game of Words With Friends while listening to music.
4. Top 5 apps - Words With Friends for the quick break in the stress of the day; Loose It which assists me in the Legal Fitness Competition; Facebook to let me know what all my friends (family, work associates, etc.) are doing in their real lives; Amazon Kindle to read and get away from a bit of reality; and the Chase app so I can make sure I can pay the bills. These all get me through the work day plus some. Okay back to work.


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May 18, 2010
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Clowning with my iPhone

I'm resubmitting my story without the company name...


I am a clown in a travelling circus currently touring North America.

Before, during (in the dressing room), and after the show, I have my head buried in my iPhone 3GS. Reading blogs, checking the news, and especially checking a Twitter search for the name of my show. I like to get a feel for what the audience buzz is before the show, as it could help with my pre-show improvisation in the Big Top. At intermission, audience members fire up their phones and tweet about how the show is going thus far and what they think. I'm right there, in real time getting feedback. Same thing after the show. I'm also checking for discount ticket deals (before the company tells us) so I can blitz that info out, surreptitiously helping get butts in seats.

Using my iPhone to check the Twitterverse before the show has come in very handy, and it adds a surreal, hyper-modern, meta-theatrical element to my performance. And sometimes, a certain someone, may be singled out in a very unique way.

Every once in a while, more often than I'd like I run across a tweet like this:

Off to the lame circus with my family despite a particular dislike of clowns.

Now right off the bat, he's just knocking the circus, eluding that he's probably just gonna have a bad time no matter what. But add to that, he mentions the clown thing. Anyone who knows me knows I don't take too kindly to clown haters. But I thought I'd let it go. Then, less than an hour later, he pushes further:

"Coulrophobia is abnormal or exaggerated fear of clowns." Bugger off! If there's anything that's abnormal or exaggerated, it's a clown.

Okay, so the guy is starting to have an annoyingly good time with his clown-bashing venom, and does so by popping onto Wikipedia for some zinger fodder. I'm trying to keep my cool. A follower of his pipes in, somewhat ignorantly:

Last I checked, there aren't really clowns at that circus...

To which our first guy says:

My ass there are no clowns!. It's like the friggin' Blaire Witch Project with grease paint.

And with that, I held my tongue no longer. During the show I wrote to him, knowing full well he'd read it at intermission:

"Blair Witch Project with grease paint" Great line! Hope we didn't totally ruin your night. See you in your nightmares!

Intermission rolls around. This pops up:

RT "Hope we didn't totally ruin your night. See you in your nightmares!" From the clown. In the show. On stage!

And then three minutes later:

Totally p0wn3d ? or should that be c70wn3d by a clown from somewhere in the tent about 2 minutes into intermission.

And then five minutes after that, directly to me:

Well played. Truly well played, my funny friend. How on earth did you even see my tweet? I'm not sure if I'm reassured or freaked.

Then my fellow clown in the show chimed in to both of us:

Why don't you two just get a room? Geez.

To which I respond to both of them:

Well I DO know where he's sitting. Hint: Look behind you!

Quoth the guy:


And then even his wife got in on the action:

This is [his] wife and I SO want to tell you where we're sitting.

Despite my encouragement, she didn't. At the end of the show, our guy gives his final thoughts:

I had a great time, guys, and should be able to sleep with the lights off in a few weeks.

Mission accomplished? Have I won this guy over? By playing into his bullcrap fear or hatred of clowns, have I turned him around?

I'm mostly tickled by the idea of using Twitter on my iPhone as another performance layer. Meta-cyber-theatricality. Taking audience reactions, or or just their thoughts, from the web and using them in the performance. At one point in the show when I'm screaming with fear, I screamed this guy's Twitter handle, followed by "I'!!" ala Blair Witch Project.

The evil clowns just got evil-er.

That's just one example of keeping "real time" on the audience I'm about to "entertain" thanks to my iPhone.

The apps I'm using most at work are:
1) TwitBird Pro
2) Foursquare
3) NetNewsWire
4) iPod (listening to podcasts for an hour while putting on makeup)
5) UkeChords (no clown is complete without his ukulele)

Thanks for reading!
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Feb 4, 2010
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I work in an MS Exchange/Office environment. I use MS OneNote to manage all of my notes, todo's, etc. However, I can't take my laptop everywhere (wish I had an iPad). So, I found a great little app called MobileNoter which allows me to read my OneNote notes and take new
notes. I should also note thy my company is a Blackberry shop. I dislike my BB so much that I forward all of my calls to my iPhone. I'd rather use my own minutes than talk on that brick!


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May 23, 2009
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1. Graphic / Web Designer

2. I use the email app more than anything to regrettably communicate with people who have no idea what they are talking about..

3. Mail to talk to clients, Phone to have them waste my minutes, Safari for looking at the ridiculous websites they want their product to look like, PS Mobile for quick proofing (rarely, but it's come in handy), LogMeIn Ignition to access files on the go.
You don't really seem to like your job!!!!


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Jun 13, 2010
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TuffGrrl's day

Tell us a bit about yourself!
My online name is TuffGrrl and I?m a fashion student, and a fashion blogger

Tell us a bit about a typical day in your life!
I usually start my day around 6.30 am, waking up to the ?Bell Tower? alarm on my 32 gig white iPhone 3Gs and do my usual morning rituals (bath and the like! it?s a girl thing =P) Then over breakfast I check the morning news using the ?Kompas? and ?Jakarta Globe? app, a TuffGrrl needs her news you know ;) (and yes, I think I accidentally told you guys where I live... oops!)

I decided to go green today and take the bus to campus, so I quickly opened up the TransJakarta app for the bus routes and schedules. On the bus, I read through my emails using the mail app while listening to some Kate Walsh or Ingrid Michaelson on the iPod app.

On campus, I still have about 30 minutes til the class starts so I decided to update my Twitter and drool over Miu Miu?s deerskin leather tote on the Net-a-Porter app. After class, I sneaked into the photography studio with a couple of my girls and ate our lunch there :D afterwards we drowned ourselves with fashion frenzy using the Net-a-Porter and app and took cool pictures with the Hipstamatic app.

I LOVE MONDAYS! Our class ended around 1pm so my girls and I decided to grab some dessert at this new cafe, problem is... we don?t know where it?s at! Good thing I have buUuk on my iPhone (psst..we even got discount coupons from buUuk!.. and of course the maps app <3

After I got home and connected to the home wifi(which is just OH-SO fast! LOL), I logged on Skype and saw my boyfriend online. We talked for hours, I almost forgot to update my blog! around 7.30pm I surfed the web on Safari, looking for inspirations from Susie Bubble?s blog, Tavi?s blog, and Michelle Koesnadi?s Glisters and Blisters blog :)

Around 10pm I re-setted my alarm on my iPhone and went to bed, eagerly waiting to wake up tomorrow morning :)



What are your top 5 Apps?
  1. iPod
  2. Net-a-Porter
  3. Hipstamatic
  5. Skype
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Jun 17, 2009
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I'm faculty at a two-year college where I teach in and manage the mechanical maintenance program. I also provide technical training services to companies in my area.

My phone is an integral part of my day. During the school year (I'm off now for the most part!), I tend to work very long days; it's not uncommon for me to work several 15 hour days as I teach day and night classes. My phone is my conduit to my students. Though my school won't pay for or even subsidize my phone, it is my preferred method to communicate with them and is worth the personal cost. I require my students to contact me if they can not make it to class. Texting is the primary means for doing this but calling me works fine also as well as sending email. Furthermore I encourage students to call/text/email me outside of class if they have questions regarding assignments which they readily do. I have some training materials (video) on my phone as well. It is my backup when something goes wrong in the classroom or when I'm on site with a client. The AV cable is a must-have for me in situations like this. While pricey, the few times I've needed to use it easily justified the cost.

I use the camera on my phone quite a bit to take pictures of lab work students are doing as well as interesting thing I see when working at a client's facility. Instead of emailing the pictures, I copy/paste into an email and send it thus preserving the higher resolution picture for use in my classroom. It's a small thing for sure, but having the larger image to work with is helpful in visually getting my point across.

My must-have apps are nothing special in the grand scheme of things. The include the Calendar (there is no way I could do my job well without the ability to manage my time commitments), Messaging (a critical link to my students), Email (I've provided academic counseling while on vacation via my email client), Docs To Go (did I mention I'm a full-time doctoral student?) and Safari (having the web at my fingertips is phenomenal). Most of the other apps I have are games, because sometimes you just need a release!


Jun 9, 2010
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I am in law enforcement and I use my iPhone everyday for work.

I use the iPhone's email app for my agency's email. It works great and helps me stay up to date on my agency email when accessing a computer isn't possible.

Evernote is great for courtroom testimony. I use it to quickly access case notes I have saved, as well as accessing case law I have saved into my Evernote. It is also great for taking a snapshot of a subpoena or business card and having it searchable after you sync. Other than email and calendar, Evernote is my most used app.

Spanish for Police app is amazing and has proven to be beneficial to me in my job. When talking to a spanish speaking people, it is almost impossible to communicate without this app. (for me at least).

I use iPhone's calendar app for all my scheduling. I think it is perfect for my uses. It does everything I want it to as well as keeping in sync with my Macbook Pro. I mostly use it to keep track of my appointments and court dates.

iOwn is a great inventory app that is helpful. I use it to keep up with items and serial #'s of both personal and agency owned equipment. Unfortunately, it has been pulled from the app store due to some type of trademark infringement from what I can tell.

Errands is a great app for keeping up with certain tasks that need to be done. I use it to keep track of certain citations I want to keep track of and see the disposition after adjudication. I like it because it puts the little number icon on the app so it is easy to see how may tasks that are left to complete.

My top 5 would be eMail, Calendar, Evernote, Spanish for Police, and Errands.

The iPhone is a very useful tool in law enforcement. However, not many of my fellow officers use them (at least in my area). A lot of the officers are carrying more rugged type phones.


May 6, 2009
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Safe Sex & Drug advocate. Prevention Case Manager

One might think this is a scary and hard job, it is. BUT it can be side busting, rolling on the floor laughing work, and is most of the time. A huge part of my job is helping prevent the spread of HIV, by HIV+ persons and their partners from getting the virus, Ways to have safe/safer sex & helping needles user stay HIV-. So, a big part of my day is spent researching the new and "hip" sexual practices of today, and the new drugs kids are doing. So I end up using my iphone with Safari when I'm with a client out in the field. So, I look at local and national hookup sites and porn sites, ALOT. You can only imagine how much porn is involved in this! One would think i'd have gone blind by now. The screen is just small enough that a whole coffee shop or library can't see it, only me and the client. The screen size makes it more personal and not so embarrassing to look, as it is on a big computer screen, to the client and myself. Its very odd & sometimes very uncomfortable to be looking at porn sites with a client on a big in your face screen. For some reason the iPhone screen makes it more bearable. Also, if I do need to get ride of the screen, I simply turn the phone to the floor and press the sleep button ASAP. This usually gives me and the client a good laugh which helps because these topics can be very uncomfortable and stressful to talk about. So, I added the sites I use most often to my home screen and rename them, if needed. I have about 6-8 hookup/porn sites and about 4 drug info sites on my 8th & 9th screens, and the CDC one on my homescreen. Using iPhone safari and YouTube is even more affective when I'm out on the streets or educating needle users on safe usage and how to clean needles, preventing the spread of HIV and other viruses! I can use YouTube videos to show how to clean a needle which is very affectful on someone who maybe in their " happy place" at that moment but really wants and/or needs to see how it's done. It's pretty hard to verbally get the info across when some one is high, but let me tell you a video does wonders! I have a 3G now and can't wait for the speed and the folders of the iPhone 4. The folders will be nice because I can put all my "naughty" made apps into a folder and name it something like, kitten pics or good times!
Five apps that I've added to my screen and use are:
3. (more for straight hookup info):eek:

That's the way I use my iPhone for work. Good or bad, creepy or perverted, informative or not. It helps save lives and can be a riot most of the time!

Be safe and be smart! In your life and with your iPhone at work!

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Jun 22, 2010
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A Freelancer's iPhone

1. Tell us what your job is.

Freelance Editor/Graduate Student

2. Give us a paragraph or two describing how you use your iPhone during your workday. Tell us the *story*.

Coming from BB to iPhone, I wasn't sure how helpful the iPhone would be in keeping me organized the way I need it to. Boy, was I wrong. There are at least four apps that I use on a daily basis to keep things for work and school organized. Scheduling/planning/list-making is a big part of what I do, as is the need for an effective way of communicating while on the go.

The amount of apps that sync between the phone and computer or phone and the web (or between all three) are a tremendous help to me. I have a few of those that I use as well.

Some of my most used apps include:

Mail: This, obviously is a big one. Clients keep in touch with me via email much of the time (about everything from my rates to progress on their work). Instructors, classmates, and workshop partners also keep in touch this way (DUH), and I like that if I'm away from my computer, I can still access everything I need in my email.

Calendar: All of my deadlines are here. ALl have alerts set. It gets a bit overwhelming and annoying once and a while, but thanks to those, I've never missed a deadline. The fact that it syncs with my MacBook just makes everything even easier.

Evernote: I mostly use this for school, mainly research for whatever I happen to be writing. Right now, it's a novel (my master's thesis) and there's a lot of research involved. This app let me use everything from text notes to snapshots to capture anything from text to something someone says. I use it almost daily. A big plus is that it syncs between my account on the web interface and the program on my computer. My notes are everywhere I need them, whenever I need them.

MacJournal: I originally started using this on my computer. I keep my website/blog entries here, but I use it mainly to organize my writing files. My novel and everything about it is here. Right now, syncing is done between the phone and computer program while both are connected to the same wifi network, but it does what I need it to. I sync before I leave the house in the morning and again when I get home. Another app I wouldn't be able to function without.

Other apps I love using include Osfoora (for my Twitter addiction), Facebook, The Hockey News, and BeeJive. The options are endless, really, and I couldn't be happier about that. Every time I need something, it's there, and all of it keeps me functioning.

3. Share any tips or tricks you might have come across. What about the iPhone makes your job easier?

Apps that sync between computer and phone, computer and web, or all three are tremendously helpful. You'll (almost always) have what you need when you need it. This is my favorite thing about so many of the productivity apps in the App Store. Everything from client lists, current job resumes, and office documents to saved emails (and anything else you can think of) can be on your phone through the use of one or two apps. QuickOffice is good for this.

4. List the top 5, must have apps you use to get that job done.

1. Evernote & MacJournal (see above)
2. Osfoora: This is one of the best Twitter apps I've seen in the app store. Great interface, easy to use, and the developer keeps users very informed. Definitely worth a look!
3. Reeder: Yes, it's another RSS client, but it's one of the best I've seen, and ease of use is amazing. They also make it very easy to share articles.
4. The Hockey News: If you're a hockey fan, this app is a must. You can read everything here--feature articles, columns, weekly blogs--and you can follow games. There's room for improvement, but it can only get better from here on out.
5. QuickOffice: I keep all of my client lists, writing projects, and schedules (that aren't in the Calendar) here. It's like having MS Office on your phone (minus some of the customization things). Such a functional app!


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Jun 23, 2010
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Stool & Stuff: A Surgeon's Use for the iPhone

1. Tell us what your job is.

2. Give us a paragraph or two describing how you use your iPhone during your workday. Tell us the *story*.

I'm a senior General Surgery resident in the Midwest. Unfortunately, surgery is not nearly as glamorous as Grey's Anatomy might make it out to be. On a daily basis, my finger goes up rectums to perform prostate exams and to check for blood in the stool.

However, every now and then, I'm especially lucky and get called to the Emergency Room to pull out foreign bodies that somehow "end up" in people's rectums. These intrepid souls usually come to the ER in the middle of the night with all sorts of objects up the butt. I've pulled out everything from cucumbers to cigar holders.

As the retrieving physician, we have to catalog everything this is recovered and record it. This is where my iphone comes in. If the hospital photographer isn't in house, the objects get photographed by the iPhone and then given to Security for 30 day holding. Needless to say, my iphone has documented a lot of "dirty" jobs over the last year since I first stood in line for my trusty 3GS. I look forward to the new higher resolution iPhone 4 camera and video capabilities.

3. Share any tips or tricks you might have come across. What about the
iPhone makes your job easier?
Always be sure to remove your gloves after the rectal extraction. Then, wash hands prior to any photographic intervention.
The iphone is portable, convenient and high enough resolution to document every object I retrieve.

4. List the top 5, must have apps you use to get that job done.
1) Procamera
2) Photogene
3) Mobile edition
4) iwatermark
5) Epocrates


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Jun 18, 2009
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1. I'm a strange mix of IT project manager, Vendor manager and data analysis. In addition I have two small children and my husband frequently travels Sunday - Thursday for work.
2. My iphone wakes me up! It provides entertainment for my children when I need to do things. With FTPOnTheGo I can manage work while dropping off kids and going into work. One particularly terrible morning I was able to drop the kids off, check the FTP site, open a ticket with our vendor using BeeJive IM, email a status update to our operations group. During normal days I use my phone for entertainment while at work. I focus best on data stuff while I'm listening to music via Pandora or ITunes or watching TV on i.TV. I lost my 3G at Thanksgiving last year and was amazed at the amount of things that I just couldn't do without it. I've really come to depend on it.
4. FTPOnTheGo, BeeJive IM, 1Password and Evernote are my top apps!


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Sep 18, 2009
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Police Officer

I have been using the Iphone on the job for over a year now. Having my work email come to my phone has been a great advantage. Just yesterday during a traffic stop I recognized the name of the driver as someone who was wanted. I went back to my car and looked at my email and found he was wanted for a burglary that occurred a few weeks prior.
Time and time again I use my phone to look at pictures of suspects through emails. Our control operators can send pictures to my phone during a stop if I am having trouble identifying someone. I just recently downloaded the Field contact app, which allows my to log information about people I come in contact with. I can take their picture, log their height,weight,age,birthdate,nickname,where I stopped them ect. I can't wait to start building that database in my phone!!!
There is also a Indiana Criminal Code app. Allowing me to look up all the different codes from traffic offenses to criminal offenses at the touch of a button.
I also constantly use google maps while working. I have even used it while on a track for a suspect with k9. It allows us to know exactly where we are.
I am always checking the weather and have numerous people asking me about the weather and wanting to look at the radar!! The recorder has come in handy several times as well. In Indiana 2 suspects sitting in the back of a police car have no right to privacy. I will put my iphone in the car with the recorder going then put them in the backseat. After a few minutes you usually have the whole crime recorded straight from the mouths of the suspects!!!!!!!!!!!
I love my iphone and it is always with me. Unfortunately it is attatched to me!!!!!!

Top 5 Apps

Field contact
Indiana criminal code
google maps
language translator
weatherbug/weather channel
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Jul 2, 2010
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A day in the life of a Police Officer using an iPhone:

0515hrs, the alarm in the CLOCK application wakes me up to some obnoxious tune. I sit up in bed, bring up the WEATHER CHANNEL app to decide on my uniform of the day. I hop in the shower, get out, use the HUNDRED PUSHUPS app to track my daily pushups.

At work, I start my day with a motor vehicle crash. While writing the report, I take photos with the CAMERA app and EMAIL them to my department email to attach to the report. I use MOTIONX GPS to pinpoint the GPS location to put it on the state form.

Off to a call for an intoxicated hispanic male. I arrive and there is a communication gap, so I use SPANISH FOR LAW ENFORCEMENT to communicate. I eventually get the name of 2 medications the subject says he took because he was prescribed them. He has no prescription bottle or pills. I plug the pills in the Pill ID function of EPOCRATES and find out those pills are contraindicated and wouldn't be prescribed together. He is arrested for Public Drunkenness.

I get a break, I pull up FACEBOOK and my wife's status says we need a night out. I pull up OPEN TABLE and make reservations at our favorite mexican restaurant. That night, I pull up iMAPMYFITNESS to log a 3 mile run before setting the alarm for bed... to start all over again.


Aug 14, 2004
Law Enforcement - Forensic Scientist

I just got my first iPhone, an iPhone 4. Before that I used two different generations of iPod Touches.

I do quite a few "shooting scene reconstructions", and other investigations related to firearms examination. To that end, I have converted over from using a Tablet PC for field note taking, to using Office2 and various self made worksheets. I can quickly enter various types of data related to the evidence I am examining. Today I even took a picture of a fired casing comparison using the iPhone 4 camera through the microscope objective, cropped the image (CropForFree), annotated it (iRetouch Lite), and then inserted into my worksheet in Office2.

I track my various Google calendars using SaiSuke. I have used it for a few years now. I allows me to update and track various calendars (work, personal, baseball, swimming, cub scouts). When I'm and get a call from a client, I can quickly add an event, which will update on my company website that many customers use to check on my work availability.

I also use Office2 to track case numbers, payments received, to update a Google Doc that my bookkeeper checks daily to make invoices for me, and to track courtroom testimony.

I use Air Sharing to take PDF copies of my electronic case files along with me, for reading while on the phone with clients, or reviewing prior to courtroom testimony. It truly allows me to have a mobile office.

I use MileBug to track my mileage and email reports to my accountant.

I use the standard Apple Notes app to email bank deposit summaries to my bookkeeper.

skobbler has become my GPS app (I switched from Sprint with free turn-by-turn, so I'm a little hesitant to start paying for a formerly free service).

Those are just the main ones. There are various other ones I will quickly use on the stand to covert units to answer questions from attorneys, spreadsheets for performing blood alcohol calculations, rulers for measuring, protractors for measuring angles, periodic charts for chemistry questions, and even RxDrugs for looking up prescription drug information.
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