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  • Hi Leanna,

    My dad is blind, and he always has issues finding mobile tech that suits his needs. He is with AT&T. In the past they have offered him outdated phones, with archaic speech software for an extra fee. There was little to no manufacturer, developer, or carrier support and it has always been a pain for him to get a quality product and user experience.

    He has recently been turned on to the iPhone and the Voice Over feature. He is seriously considering purchasing one soon. Since I am an iPhone user and his family 'tech-guy' I will be the main person helping him make the transition.

    I would like to know what's out there for blind people. Screen covers or cases that provide a tactile reference for on-screen buttons? Apps designed specifically to help blind people? Jailbreaks? Any tips and tricks? I'm just trying to gather as much information and resources as I can to give him the best help that I can.


    Sam Haynes
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