Consumers left in the dark about Canadian iPhone 4 launch


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Jan 26, 2010

VANCOUVER (NEWS1130) - For consumers eager to get their hands on the newest iPhone, there is a serious lack of information out there with only two days to go - and the cell phone companies carrying Apple's device, may not be to blame.

Tech blogger John Biehler says all indications seem to point to Apple. "Because Bell, Telus, Rogers and Virgin now are all capable of selling the iPhone. Nobody's really said anything, other than the fact that it's coming."

Biehler adds the previous two iPhone launches left eager buyers in the dark and this one has been just as bad, if not worse. Providers probably aren't allowed to release availability and upgrade information until almost the last minute.

He thinks getting one on Friday will come down to two unknown factors - supply and demand. "I've heard different estimates from people that claim to work for various big-box stores like Best Buy, that they're going to have tons of units, to having very little."

Will the antenna keep people from standing in line? Biehler can't tell. Luckily, this iPhone will be generic, even if you're a Rogers customer, you could buy it at a Bell store.
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