Adaptunes - Upcoming iPhone 3.0 App - Beta Invite


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May 8, 2009
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We are seeking beta testers for our upcoming release, Adaptunes. Adaptunes requires functionality that's present in iPhone 3.0, so if you have the iPhone 3.0 beta and are interested, please fill out our beta application.

Adaptunes is an adaptive media player for iPhone 3.0. It automates many of the tasks you normally would need to perform while listening to your iPod while performing some other activity. Most notably, Adaptunes automatically adjusts your volume up and down based on how fast you are going. It supports different configurable profiles for driving, skiing, biking, and several others. It also seemlessly integrates with the iPod on your iPhone, so you have access to all the same music. Since it works with the iPod, your music will keep playing even if you leave the app to do anything else on your phone.

For more information, check out our site.