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May 5, 2020
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This is very first version of the body workouts app - Stay home, exercise! Track, increase, Repeat.

App-Store Version:
Free Coupons available per request!

All beta testers are welcome to try it out beta version for free (app is available to download via TestFlight). You can use following link to get the app

Currently Featuring 5 workouts and one bonus: Push-Ups, Sit-Ups, Squats and Stair Running, Pull-Ups and Meditation. All workouts comes with No Ads, minimalistic design and

1.App counts reps fully automatically.
Sit-Ups: Hold phone in front of you when doing sit-ups
Squats: Stretch your hands and hold phone during the workout
Push-Ups: Place phone on the floor and touch screen gently with the tip of your nose during exercise.
Squats: Stretch your hands and hold phone during the workout
Stair Running: App will count floors automatically (allow some small delay for certain devices)
2. View previous results during the workout, so you can achieve better results every time, and adjust the training plan specifically for you
3. Automatic Tracking workout time as well as rest time
4. View past workouts (along with active and rest time for each set)
5. Export and import workout data (you own the data)
6. iCloud backup and sync
7. Works with Apple Health (with option to enable and disable Health integration)

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