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Feb 9, 2012
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Been a minute since I have posted on here.

I have had my trusty IPhone 6 since it came out. Alas, he is starting to see his age with battery loss, freezing, and all the things that go with a phone starting to see its last legs.

I have the option to upgrade, and I'm looking at the IPhone 12 Mini.

I am petite and have smaller hands, and I love being able to have my phone in my pocket as I teach, as well as use just one hand with the phone while adjusting studio lighting with the other. I've been reading up on the pros and cons/reviews of the Mini, but wanted to get some feedback here as well!

I use my mainly for these purposes:
*Music for teaching (I teach yoga)
*Email/Calendar/Teams for work (I also have a FT job on top of teaching)
*Photos & Video
*Social Media
*Calling/Texting/etc that goes along with those things

Based on your user experiences, how do you like the smaller size? In playing with some larger sized IPhones, the larger screen is nice but my lord they are heavy and trying to use 1 hand on those is cumbersome.

How do you like not having a headphone jack, and how many new accessories and chargers did you have to get since everything is no longer a USB - A, but now a USB - C?


Mar 2, 2016
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I have a 12 Pro and I love it. The 12 is a great phone, and I've heard good things about the 12 Mini as well. However, I've also heard that the 12 Mini doesn't have the best battery life. So that's something to consider. I'm hoping people who actually have the 12 Mini will chime in. Another option may be the SE. There are rumors that there will be a 13 Mini, with better battery life. We won't know about that until Apple has announced the new iPhones which will probably be next Tuesday!


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May 12, 2013
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jumping from iPhone 6 to a 12 of any model is a big jump and you will see alot of improvements and change. I feel any 12 series iPhones are all good and there are not much different from any of the 12 models besides the size LOL


Mar 10, 2012
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How do you like not having a headphone jack, and how many new accessories and chargers did you have to get since everything is no longer a USB - A, but now a USB - C?

I can’t comment on the size, I always used the regular/Pro size.

Regarding the USB type C cable, I didn’t have to get anything additional. First, the iPhone 12 still supports the USB type A cables (they just charge the phone slowly). Second, I’m lucky to have the iPhone 11 Pro that came with the USB type C charger.

The lack has been a slight irritation, because I couldn’t use the 3.5mm jack in my old car. I did have a Bluetooth “adapter” already, so it was relatively smooth, but it would have been better to have that option.

Finally, on a recent flight, I couldn’t use my device while it was (not) charging… so I was stuck using my iPad to play content that I would have normally played from the phone.


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Jan 10, 2013
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To be honest any version of the iPhone 12 would be a vast improvement over the iPhone 6 including the battery life.


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May 13, 2013
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I do understand your question and I would like a 12 pro max with the weight of a 6s however for the better battery and easy readable screen size we have have to go with a heavier and larger phone , the 12 pro is not too large .
Dimensions 146.7 x 71.5 x 7.4 mm (5.78 x 2.81 x 0.29 in)
Weight 189 g (6.67 oz)
Good luck on your choice .


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Nov 4, 2017
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From a 6 to a 12 mini is a phantastic upgrade you won't regret. The mini is even smaller in size, but the screen is bigger and WAY better.
The battery, compared to an aging 6, should not be a problem. Of course, the bigger, bulkier, heavier 12/pro/max models boast larger batteries.
I'm confused over your comments on USB etc.
The 12 mini still has the same charging port as the 6 - lightning. So basically you would not need to buy any new adapters or chargers. Except, if you want to charge faster, or wirelessly (both supported by the 12 mini).


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Aug 27, 2021
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I started my iPhone devotion on the 6+. I was a Galaxy user who wasn’t going to use iPhone until it made a bigger screen. I used 6+ for 3+ years. For certain the jump in all the specs will be great except you may be used to using certain ports (3.5) that Apple abandoned. Imho (and only imho) make life easier, go as wireless as possible, replace devices that won’t or use dongles. The transition is easier than you think. Wirelessly charge with your new 12 (or 13 if you wait and can pay more), wireless audio, wireless transfers, airplay 2 etc. Our modern lives are complicated enough, have a cable free life to remove a complication, make life easier.
As for screen size, push the size! IME you’ll much more often hear “i went too small”. If you’re going to be looking at your phone a lot every day for years, again make life easier by having as much screen size as you can comfortably carry.
Best of luck…
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