Can I disable iPhone Do Not Disturb (Silent Mode) switch?


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Jun 22, 2021
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This is a problem I've been having for a while now that is both ridiculously trivial and insanely annoying, and where so far I'm not having much luck finding any real fixes for it. I'm referring to the tiny “Silent Mode” / “Do-Not-Disturb” (“Focus” on iOS 15) switch that has been on the left side of most iPhones for some time now, just above the Volume Up and Down buttons (the switch that slides and which shows a sliver of orange when engaged). I've had lots of problems with accidentally, inadvertently switching into Silent/Do-Not-Disturb mode without intending to, and aside from a tiny little HUD alert that disappears after a few seconds, there's really nothing that lets me know when I've done this. When this happens, I suddenly don’t get alert sounds when I have new messages, whether it's “Messages”, or Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, or Signal, etc. (I also stop hearing various other things, but I only care right now about the message notification sounds for purposes of this post.) I don’t get a lot of incoming phone calls most of the time, but I have occasionally also missed some due to my phone never having rung, even when I was sitting right next to it, which I am going to chalk up to being just another symptom of this switch having been engaged by accident.

I chatted with an agent with Apple Support, and she was very friendly and tried to he helpful, but as I am basically going to define this issue as a hardware design flaw, there wasn’t a lot she could really suggest. She had me verify what certain settings were in Settings > Sounds & Haptics and Do Not Disturb (or Focus, as is my case since I am on iOS 15 beta) but all of my sound and volume settings were exactly where I wanted them to be and expected them to be.

What I was hoping the Apple Support person I chatted with could help me accomplish, and now what I’m hoping someone reading this can help me accomplish, is just some kind of down-and-dirty hack (for example, a device profile I could install) that would just disable the Silent Mode/Do-Not-Disturb switch on the side of the phone completely. There are 55 other ways to turn it on and off without using the physical switch at all, either in iOS or using Siri (and probably others I don’t know about), but I personally just do not have a lifestyle where I even NEED to have an affirmatively activated Do-Not-Disturb mode at all, let alone a need to toggle between depending on what I’m doing. I just want to make it STOP getting switched into Do Not Disturb, ever.

I have iMazing, which has an included Profile Editor for creating your own device profiles (not only for iOS but also tvOS and macOS) but I haven't been able to find any templates that include anything that would let you disable a button or switch or something of that sort. I haven't looked into Apple Configurator 2 yet, but my guess is that it probably has the same sort of features and templates and areas it lets you configure, and others it does not.

So, does anyone out there know of the existence of a iPhone device profile that allows one to disable a specific hardware switch or button, specifically the Do-Not-Disturb / Silent Mode switch? Of of any particular app that can generate such a profile? or any snippet of text that could be inserted into a text file and saved as a profile? Or, any apps or utilities from anywhere that would let me disable this stupid switch???

As I said at the start, this is very trivial but also extremely annoying. Much help is greatly appreciated.

Best wishes and warmest regards,


Mar 10, 2012
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Hi Pete,

As far as I know, no such device profile setting exists. At least, not in the MDM solutions I have tried (Apple Configurator 1 and 2, macOS Server's Profile Manager, VMware's solution that I forgot the name of).

Maybe someone else might have a solution, but besides putting something over that switch, like a case, I have nothing that would help you :(


Oct 2, 2013
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I never have issues with the Ring/Silent switch. Probably because I always use a case, which makes it more difficult to switch by accident.


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Oct 29, 2013
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I never have issues with the Ring/Silent switch. Probably because I always use a case, which makes it more difficult to switch by accident.

I find that if I drop my XS ( which I do too often !) and It lands back down (which it mostly does) the switch jars to mute. As I almost never use it, I forget it’s there, causing all sorts of aggravation ! I wish it was harder to operate, or showed something on screen.

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