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    Ok so my iPhone is really messed up. it started when I was using iconoclasm and running the beta swithes put icons anywhere. I could not get the icons to stop moving so I did a hard reset. It went into a booting loop and I finally got it 2 start up after 2 hours by deleting the .dsylb via ssh. It was running unbelievably slow. So I went to restore I continually got error 1015 so I tried running blackra1n like if I was trying to downgrade from iPhone 4.0 which I already had 2. It worked but my phone is still freezing. I have done wY 2 many things including the 4.0 beta and never a clean restore. Is there any possible way 2 just start this thing from scratch. If you hve read this far thank you very much. Any help is appreciated
    06-18-2010 09:28 PM