1. Nellybelly333's Avatar
    I just put my rebel on my iphone and I have noticed that it is not fitting exactly right over by the volume controls... If I touch anywhere near the volume up area, it adjusts the volume... whether I hit the actual button or not. Anyone had this happen before?
    02-20-2009 10:50 AM
  2. zukir02's Avatar
    I have one of there cases and it didn't fit just right in some places. I have herd that a lot of there cases are off in some places. I have emailed them a few times to see about a exchange and I have herd nothing from them. I kinda gave up on the email thing and just stopped using the case.
    02-20-2009 10:59 AM
  3. Nellybelly333's Avatar
    Well that is a bit disheartening...
    02-20-2009 03:37 PM
  4. zukir02's Avatar
    I know what you mean, cause they have other cases I would like to get. I feel like I just wasted 30 dollars. You never know if you email them or something you might get a response back from them.
    02-20-2009 03:39 PM
  5. Nellybelly333's Avatar
    Yeah, I had planned on using this for awhile and then trying out the Neo but who knows... What case are you using now?
    02-20-2009 03:50 PM
  6. zukir02's Avatar
    I have the Neo, but right now I am not using any. I just have a invisible shield on it, but I have a otterbox skin that I use from time to time.
    02-20-2009 03:56 PM