messages keeps going back to one convo after relaunch-workaround procedural


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Mar 10, 2020
so, this is THE exact problem I'm having, over here on reddit:

now, this isn't a help needed thread, this is a 'workaround solution found' thread.

note, tested on an iphone 8 plus and 3rd gen iphone se with physical home buttons, not known if this works for newer home button-less iphones.

a buddy of mine has seen this and figured out a solution.
for devices with a physical home button:
back out of the convo, double press the home button, then tap anywhere but the messages app on the screen to go to the home screen.
doublepress again, then swipe up to dismiss the app. close your device. reopen, relaunch messages. you should now be right on your contacts/recent conversations page, exactly where you should be when opening the app.
credit for this workaround procedure goes to a buddy of mine, Arashi6159(he's not on reddit sadly)