Why are long voicemails not being sent or received?


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Hi, There seems to be a problem with the iphone message system on some newer phones and I am wondering if this glitch is being worked on and what is going on. When I leave messages for the full length of permitted message time on my friend's phone, it often says, "goodbye" and the message is apparently not recorded or sent. She never receives it. If it is a shorter message it will take or if the goodbye never sounds. This happens with several friends who all have more recent phones. Is there any solution to this? One friend reset her phone and it still happened. We are doing business together so it's really important for us.


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Jan 8, 2012
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Isn't voicemail a wireless provider service? The iPhone and other smart devices can access the voicemail service and display a notification for you when there's an awaiting voicemail. Having said that, there is no glitch in the "iPhone message system". Have your "friend" notify her wireless provider to see if they can troubleshoot the issue and possibly retrieve the missing voicemail messages, if applicable.