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What to do when someone contacted me regarding my stolen ipad?The person wants payment, should I pay

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Some one broke into my car and stole my iPad 1+1/2 year ago while traveling in California. Yesterday, I got a phone call from a person who claimed that her grandmother bought my lost iPad at a flee market for $100. They are in the west coast and I am in the east coast.

After charging The iPad, she found the iPad was activted to iCloud locked. Since the iPad was locked, it showed instruction to call my number if found, I have not heard from the 'Find My iPhone' since it can only be activated when is connected to wifi. I guess she is the first one connected to wifi to activate my message.

I ask her if she can send back to me if I pay for the shipping. She ask me if I can make an offer to compensate her lost of $100.

What should I do? Should I pay her? She said the iPad has a crack on the corner. I am also not sure if some one before her had used the iPad and had reset the iPad. The function status is unknown and she is not sure if the contents had been deleted.

I am also not sure if I should trust her. What if I pay her and she decide not to sent it. She would not be able to use it unless I unlocke it.

Any advise would be appreciated.


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Jan 8, 2012
Notify your local police in regard to this matter.


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Dec 8, 2011
Welcome to iMore!!!

First, when your iPad was stolen did you get reimbursed through your auto insurance company for any stolen property? Since it's been over a year, I'm assuming that you've already parted or come to terms with the fact that you would never see the iPad again, right?

Secondly, since she claims to have purchased it from a Flea Market... she has the right, if she has a receipt to return it to them since they've sold her a device that was at some point stolen and was now in their possession. If they did not give her a disclaimer stating that the device was in fact locked (which btw sounds a bit fishy to me), then that is buyers remorse on her part.

And lastly back to you.... UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES (sorry for the caps but just want to emphasize that statement) should you send ANY money (shipping included) to someone if you don't know if their story is legit. What you can do, is suggest to her the you will contact the authorities in her area to take possession of the "stolen" iPad that she's trying to return.(thats if you really want it back and if she is legitimately trying to return it).

I hope this helps.
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