What resolution should my custom video's have?


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Apr 13, 2015
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For some reason I'm still wondering... what resolution should I make my custom video's?
I have some video's on my computer (1080p), that I want to move to my iPhone 6S, but I'm not sure what resolution looks best on my phone?

Should I convert my computer video's to 1334x750 (since it's the display resolution of the phone), or just leave it 1080p?
What gives the best video quality on my phone?


Oct 2, 2013
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My recent experience with home iPhone videos is this. 4k is useless, unless you have a 4k compatible player. Even then, they're not noticeably better than 1080p. And they take huge amounts of storage space. 1080p isn't much better. They also take a huge amount of space. I made 5 four minute 1080p videos. They took over 3 gb of space. I have found that 720p HD works great and looks just fine. And they take way less storage space. If you're going to store 1080p videos on the camera roll, I would switch to 720p. You could also publish them to YouTube. That gets them off the camera roll. And you can view them there. Also they can be uploaded to cloud based apps like Box and Dropbox. They still take space there, but a lot less. And they're easily viewed there. I guess a lot depends on how many videos you want to move.


Nov 19, 2015
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1920x1080 doesn't look so much better as 1334x750 on 4.7" IMO. If you don't have to keep an eye on your memory usage I wouldn't expend effort converting all the files tho.