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What phone and carrier should I use and get?


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Looking for a phone and carrier.

Oh, I need help. I'm currently with MetroPCS because a few year ago I got the $30 Promo deal. Now I think I need an upgrade. I am traveling nationally and internationally and this carrier and phone can't handle it. Can anybody help?

My Plan
Edit/Upgrade My Plan
$30 PROMO 250 MB of 4G DATA
Includes local calling.
Your individual plan includes the following features:

Three-Way Calling

Caller ID

Call Waiting

Extended Home Roaming

Domestic Long Distance

Picture Messaging

250MB 4G LTE Data Speed

Text Messaging Feature

Enhanced Voice Mail


Now I need a phone and service that will allow me to travel nationally and Internationally. And of course I'd like to keep it cost effective.


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Oct 22, 2010
Re: Looking for a phone and carrier.

Where do you spend most of your time when not traveling? Ask people around you what carrier they use... how happy they are... etc. and go from there.