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On my iPhone 5c, why is iCloud continually upgrading?


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iphone 5c - icloud is continually upgrading

My new iphone has been upgrading the icloud for 4 days. There seems no way to get out of the loop. How do I stop it, do I need it at all?


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Feb 12, 2011
Re: iphone 5c - icloud is continually upgrading

Well thats how you back up your device so its imortant- Is your phone restoring? When was the last successful back up?


Oct 2, 2013
Re: iphone 5c - icloud is continually upgrading

Welcome to iMore! Start at the beginning. What all have you done? Did you start the update for iOS 8.1.2? Then got stuck on enabling iCloud Drive? Start at the beginning and tell us step by step what you have done so far.

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