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Jul 1, 2011
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Thanks to this forum and a few others I have completed, submitted and as of yesterday have my first iOS app in the AppStore.

The game is something new I created called a structural puzzle, the goal is to protect the cavemen from a horrible rock slide that would vanish the human race once and for all. There is an inventory of items available to build a structure to protect this caveman and a timer counting down the seconds left before the rock slide arrives. Every level adds a new level of difficulty. Finally, at the end their are what I named "Architect Levels" which include new features, such as a Gravity Stopper, allows you to stop the Box2D world's gravity for 5 seconds to achieve harder builds using overhangs and anchors.

This 1.0 version has 18 total levels, for my first update I am adding 6 IceAge levels, where the user would have to battle the snow and icy conditions to build. Also I am going to add a Quick Build setting which will supply less time per build making it all even harder.

That site also has a small blog I started as I was creating the game.

I want to thank every one here for indirectly helping me finish this game. Many of my questions were the same as many others questions so I just searched and found many of my answers. Some others I just tried my best to figure out on my own. I greatly appreciate this forum and hopefully I can continue using it for more games in the future.

RockSlide Available in the AppStore

I have promo codes, if you are interested and wish to review the game my reach me on my website. fxappsngames.wordpress.com.

Check out the trailer on youtube. Search RockSlide iOS Game

Follow on Twitter @RockSlideTweets

and on Facebook "RockSlide"

Thank You

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