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Nov 6, 2011
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As i restore my jailbroken phone as new for the 7th or 8th time now, i find myself wondering is this jailbreak even worth it?
yesterday after updating winterboard and camera tweak, or something, the tweak that adds a bunch of (useless) options to the camera app, my phone got a little more than wonky!
now i am a tweaker to the maxer... i have tweaks upon tweaks and i am fully aware that conflicts arise and im ok with it. generally i do opk for myself with an occasional mobile substrate crash now and again, but whatever, i dont have my iphone because "it just works" i have my iphone because "it works the way i want it"... ANYWAYS the phone shut down randomly, kater while talking to my wife, it just goes all black, nothing for about 30 seconds then i can hear her and she can hear me, then the spinner, the one you get as your phone is resrpinging... then poof respring. oh well. then it gets worse, in my car the bluetooth wont connect, the phone wont charge, home button is unresponsive (more than usual) bite gets crazy laggy etc.... my phone is jacked up. today i sent out a quick reply and my phone is unresponsive again, music is still playing but cant fast forward, pause, raise voulem, turn off screen... so im like ok restore.
then i think am i going to go to ios and keep it clean? the thought last for about 1 millionth of a second.

i NEED bite.

i dont use safari, so i need browser changer, i dont like lots of folders and lots of springboard pages, so i need folder enhancer, i need 5 icon dock, i need ipsum, i need pandora downloader (for ths skips) i simply need these things. i need gridlock. i need bulletin
i like lock info, i like winterboard, i like any attach, i like status tweak, and clean status (the two combined seem to be my biggest conflict)
anyways im going to do a restore as new. and i figured since i was going to be sitting here anxiously anyways, i might as well write about it.
this forum needs a little excitement anyways!
so here goes.
im on a new hard drive so first thing i do is download tiny umbrella 6.00.01 and redsnow 0.9.15b2.
step 1 i am getting my blobs from my device via tiny umbrella, (i have requested some from cydia as well) i end up with (4.2.8 and 4.2.9 and 4.2.10, and 5.0 and 5.0.1 and 5.1.1 and 6.0 gm) which is every firmware that has come out since i had my iphone 4 (cdma, gsm would have 4.3.3 and 4.3.4, and 4.3.5....)
now that i have my blobs saved locally, i am going to open up redsnow select extras, the select shsh blobs, then stitch then ipsw, then im going to select the ipsw i just downloaded, then i select local (because i have my blobs saved locally now) once i select the correct blob, in this case 5.1.1, redsnow kicks in and starts to stitch together my blobs for me, it takes just over 2 minutes. i take special note to where my custom blob was saved.
now i go "back" one level in redsnow and i select even more, and then select restore.
redsnow now gives me a warning saying my baseband wont be upgraded during this restore but that ill probabaly have to use recovery fix after restore is done, eh no biggie. so i select ok then i am told i am in normal mode and the i need to be in pwned dfu mode, and then redsnow walks me through the steps. (simple stuff, plug phone in, turn it off, hold power for three seconds, then both power and home for ten seconds, then just home for an additional 15+ seconds) turns out that ive never had my device connected to my computer while in dfu mode so i have to install drivers for redsnow to continue. this causes redsnow to shut down. ok well well try again. currently now my phone is in dfu mode and i am restarting redsnow (as administrator of course) so extras, even more, restore, select custom stitched firmware just created, because my phone is already in dfu mode it instantly exploits with limerain and reboots my phone. i get an exploit failed messsage... so i quit and see what happens when my phone reboots...
so my phone rebooted into its previous state. ill just try again. phone powered down... redsnow started, (i turn off tiny umbrella to because that has been running all this time...) ok so that appeared to be the issue, i put my phone into pwned dfu and even though i already made a stitched blob, redsnow is again asking me for blobs, which i have saved. so after i select the proper blob again redsnow does some work, returns an error saying that it found none of the expected files. so i then am able to select an ipsw again, and i select the clean stock ipsw, then i select the proper blobs, this time redsnow gets a lot further along but then i get an error that says found device in dfu mode instead of recovery mode... now im a little frustrated as i was told to put it into dfu mode BY REDSNOW!
ok so this time i just turn my phone off and i select enter pwned dfu mode.(for restore) and i get a message from redsnow saying that my phone is now ready for a custom recovery using itunes. so im going to start itunes now, then im going to start tiny umbrella and run the server, then im going to right click and restore in itunes and use my custom firmware.
itunes started, get the itunes detect phone.... so now i start tinmy umbrella, start server, go back to itunes right click resore, select my custom stitched firmware of course when i opened tiny umbrealla itunes shut itself down. so i start itunes again, select restore, itunes prepares my phone and after 1 minute i get error 1600 cannot restore. phone is still in pwned dfu, black screen, tell tiny umbrella to kick it out, it doesnt.
so i start redsnow again, and i select extras, even more restore, then i put my phone into pwned dfu simply by turning it off, then entering dfu at the appropriate time. This time i select a clean ipsw again, then i get message again about not updating baseband, then i select the blobs, and this time redsnow does a ton of work, uploads ram disk and reboots phone into recovery mode, which then forces anotherr driver install. i think that may be where the issue was last time. currently i am restoring system image, and my phone has the apple logo and the progress bar, its goign very slowly i might add....
looking back at thsi there is A TON of little red lines in my post, but im not sure im going to proof read the entire post, also i notice that at some point i hopped into the middle of this post as i have text below whoch belongs above... im going to fix that now NOBODY IS GOING TO READ ALL OF THIS
seriously this is taken a crap ton amount of time, i actually think that the process has gone awry and frozen up task manager says things are still running, a little patience is needed i guess ok so now im POSITIVE that the process has stalled. im a little concerned, my phone is in what appears to be a vulnerable state right now... i am going to use task manager to force redsnow to quit
ok so phone restarts has familiar "connect to itunes" logo showing, nothing happens when i plug my phone in however. the computer doesnt even recognize that its there

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