My iPhone won't leave the restart screen


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My iPhone 6 won't leave the white screen with the black apple on it. It stays stuck no matter what I try, I've tried restarting it and doing a hard restart but it just keeps returning to that screen. It also won't connect to my macbook air. It did when it originally stopped working but now it just buzzes three times whenever I try to plug it in and doesn't appear on my iTunes.


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Apr 6, 2016
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What's changed on the device since this started? Were you updating the OS, an app, or installing something new? Restoring from a backup? Need more info.


Mar 11, 2013
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Entering DFU Mode (Official Instructions)

1. Plug your device into your computer.

2. Turn off the device.

3. Hold the Power button for 3 seconds

4. Hold the Home button without releasing the Power button for 10 seconds

5. Release the Power Button but keep holding the Home button

6. Keep holding the Home button until you are alerted by iTunes saying that it has detected a device in Recovery Mode