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Lost iphonex not showing in icloud

Vignesh babus

New member
Jan 3, 2018
last week i lost my iphone x(ios 11.2), we try to track though icloud, it says iphone is offline, so we turned on lost mode and playsound in icloud, it says it will resume lost mode and play sound when it is connect to network or wifi, after 4 days my friends and parents(they received because i added them as emergency contacts) recived a text message says "your iphone has been located at ____(location url)" when i clicked that url it logged in to icloud, still it was offline after few mins when i login icloud it says "no device is registered" in icloud settings my device history is there. i enable passcode and facelock, i realy didnot understand this behaviour of "offline" to "no device registered in icloud" except me no one knows my icloud password, can anyone know why it happend like that.


Active member
Oct 23, 2015
Why don’t you try “find my iPhone” using someone else’s phone? Just login with your username and password and it will show you where it’s at unless it’s turned off.