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... These people are not experts and the show is clearly not factual. Listeners should be WARNED that the show is- "For entertainment only... listeners beware that the information is only OPINION and may have no factual or sensical basis".
For example, neither Rene nor anyone else is actually listening to each other's comments or they are just stroking each other no matter how stupid and senseless their comments are.
Lori gill argued on the podcast about facial recognition software and the fact that two people may have the exact same features so "thats why the police use fingerprints". It was also stated, "yeah, you're right, two babies can be born with the same features"... HUH,... WTF.
1st, we aren't talking about BABIES. 2nd, facial recognition becomes as accurate as fingerprints when there is a COMBINATION of features, NOT just the eyes for example. I would bet anything that if you took even 25 different features, combined and compared them, there would be no 2 individuals alike in the world!? 3rd, we are NOT talking about a PICTURE but a 3D algorithm of face mapping or whatnot!!!
Did anyone bother to think about her comments or listen critically?
Lastly, the police don't use ONLY pictures of criminals because THEY COULD CHANGE!!! Facial hair, for example is the most obvious. Duh... again we are NOT talking about PICTURES but about 3D mapping (or whatever it is). NOT the same, genius!
Lori's arguments and the comment about babies being born with the same features are irrelevant, ridiculous and just an example of someone talking out their *** because they can because NOBODY ON THE SHOW bothers to listen to each other or if they did, simply don't care to disagree, or are simply pussies to offer a different opinion for fear of staring an argument.
I will take this show for what it is... people's opinions based on scant real knowledge and meritless, factless, and illogical self-stroking gum-flapping. I'm going back to Molly Wood, Tom Merritt (although he's always right and if he wants your opinion he'll give it to you- in a nice way of course) or Mike Elgen, where I can find real, honest, fact-based information.


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Jul 21, 2014
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What show are you talking about? Was it on Fox News?
BTW, you are right about facial recognition. It's also true for any body part. You could also make an elbow or shoulder scanner and it would work just as well. Other parts of the body would work too but you might not want to get them out in public.

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