Issue with redeeming two iTune's Gift Cards


Mar 2, 2016
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I have had a frustrating issue with redeeming two iTunes gift cards, that was finally, and happily, resolved last night, thanks to Apple Support!

I purchased one iTunes gift card last week on the 9th from a local Speedway convenience store by redeeming Speedy Rewards points. When I got home, I tried to redeem it using my phone. I opened up the App Store app, scrolled down to the bottom, and tapped redeem. I then tapped the "use camera" option (which I've always done without issue), but it wouldn't work. A message popped up that I would have to manually enter the code, which I did, without success. So I called the store where I purchased it from and not surprisingly, they couldn't help me. So I then called their corporate store, which led to me calling the store back. I got ahold of the manager, and she said to bring it in, and she would try and help me.

I kept missing her, and need the gift card, so two nights ago, I decided to purchase another one from the same store, using more Speedy Rewards points. I got it home and was infuriated when I couldn't redeem it either. I called the store and spoke with an apathetic teenager who suggested I call back when the manager was there.

So yesterday, I called customer service, again. They remembered me. :D
She called the store, and thankfully the district manager was there, which was fantastic timing. He offered to meet me there when I got off of work, which I did. He spent quite a bit of time on the phone and determined that the cards had been correctly activated and that I needed to call iTunes. I promptly went home and called. I waited on hold, spoke with someone, who said that I needed to talk to their credit card division. The estimated wait time was 7+ minutes, and I waited happily. Finally, a human voice came on, and believe it or not, I accidentally disconnected the call. They tried to call me back, but I have the "Silence Unknown Callers" feature turned on. So I started over, and FINALLY, spoke with someone who helped me figure it out.

They aren't sure why there was a problem, but since I tried multiple times on my iPhone, he suggested another Apple device. So I got my iPad and managed successfully to redeem both cards. I was embarrassed that I hadn't thought of that. He then suggested that I sign out and then sign back into my Apple account on my iPhone, which I did.

Again, I was embarrassed that neither of those hadn't occurred to me. He was very nice, and I have learned two things that I will never forget. At least, I don't think I will. And this is why I am sharing... so that if anyone else encounters this issue!

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