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IPhone 7 iOS 11.2.2 setup bug


iMore Question

Please read all before answering obvious things.

I downloaded 11.2.2 on my iphone 7, no problem.

when it started back up, I followed the final set up steps.

1) select wifi, no problem.

2) Apple ID password.

I enter the good password (I verified by logging in then out on another device) Message: could not sign in user name or password is incorrect.

I tried to skip this step: "upload icloud settings" show up for 2-3 second then my phone return to initial locked screen.

I tried to change password, not the problem as expected but i tried.

I tried a restart no luck

I tried a hard restart no luck

I went to Recovery or "safe mode", reloading the iOS from iTunes instead of the phone, same issues.

because of the status of my phone, I can't back up from itunes.

This phone was never backed up and I have a lot of unsaved data on this phone and I want to avoid a factory restore at all cost.

I CANNOT get into my iphone, ie setting etc.. I am stuck in final iOS set up screen

Please help.


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Aug 14, 2015
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Welcome to iMore.

I read your post carefully. You say you never backed up the data on your phone. My first question is how much of this data was iCloud cross platformed? Do you have any of it that is not? If so what is not? Sorry to answer you with more questions. I'm hoping that by asking these questions that we can better answer your questions with a possible solution. Still no guarantee that we can or that a factory reset may be the only solution, but let's try. Thanks


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Jan 10, 2018
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When I go to icloud, it looks like my last icloud update was 2016. So yes many data that is not cross platformed.
the only thing that might be right is my phone contact list. side question: is my contact list saved differently on my phone (sim card or else where)?
Also, on my initial lock screen, I get my usual notification like Facebook or CNN as usual like if the phone is running "normally" underneath the initial set up steps that I can't get thru.

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